Bottle - Cask # 4.163, Soaring sweetness and ocean spray
Cask No. 4.163, Soaring sweetness and ocean spray
Soaring sweetness and ocean spray

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Cask No. 4.163 Lightly peated

Soaring sweetness and ocean spray

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Various bass notes grounded the nose (tobacco, creosote, burnt sticks, white pepper, chipotle chilli, balsamic reduction) but soaring on a breeze of clean, minty smoke and ocean spray, was a kite made of toffee, puff candy and chocolate melted over ice-cream. The palate suggested smouldering bonfires, nippy sweeties, liquorice, menthol and ash, with barbecued chocolate bananas and Weetabix. Water freshened the nose – chocolate limes, perfumed soap, kiwi and pear belle Helene with mint sprigs. The reduced palate was sweeter, less smoky and very tasty –rhubarb crumble, ice-cream and banana chips; charred walnuts in the after-taste. From Scotland’s most northerly distillery.

Age 11
Date Distilled June 2000
Cask Type 1st fill barrel
Region Highland Island
Outturn 215 bottles
ABV 62.8 %