Bottle - Cask # 64.84, Spruced-up fruit salad
Cask No. 64.84, Spruced-up fruit salad
Spruced-up fruit salad

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Cask No. 64.84 Juicy, oak & vanilla

Spruced-up fruit salad

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This felt like a spruced-up tropical fruit salad of grapefruit, orange, pineapple and kiwi, more exotic perfumed lychee and slightly nutty dragon fruit, all ‘dressed up’ with watermelon vinaigrette using a combination of agave and Dijon mustard. Smooth and mouth-watering like a breakfast quinoa fruit salad; fresh berries, orange zest, vanilla powder and cinnamon. Diluted, a perfect Eiskaffee – creamy iced coffee made with extra strong coffee, two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate brittle whilst the finish turned into a cafe Mexicana called ‘café de olla’ with cinnamon and orange peel.


Age 12 years
Date Distilled May 2004
Cask Type 1st fill barrel
Region Speyside
Outturn 204 bottles
ABV 58.7 %