Bottle - Cask # 44.69, Tantalizing tannins
Cask No. 44.69, Tantalizing tannins
Tantalizing tannins

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Cask No. 44.69 Juicy, oak & vanilla

Tantalizing tannins

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We uncovered brand new chamois leather, opened a jar of set honey and released the tempting aromas from opening a tin of Shanghai rose tea leaves or lifting the lid off an assorted chocolate praline box. On the taste it turned into a well brewed Rooibos Chai tea with spicy cinnamon, cardamom husk, ginger and lemongrass with a good balance of soft tannins as one often finds in a ‘Super Tuscan’. Diluted, fresh lemon juice and orange barley water was released alongside antique leather bound books. On the palate, now like a Caribbean fruit punch, juicy and very tasty.

Age 11 years
Date Distilled June 2004
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Speyside
Outturn 235 bottles
ABV 57.3 %