Bottle - Cask # 25.65, The whispered kiss
Cask No. 25.65, The whispered kiss
The whispered kiss

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Cask No. 25.65 Light & delicate

The whispered kiss

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A whispered kiss from a ghost of a distillery. The nose tip toes around delicate peach skins, apple blossom and papaya. Sticky honey glaze on dainty cinnamon pastries. Musky notes reminded the panel of perfume departments and aromatherapy boxes. Crushed rose petals and wax candles in a dunnage warehouse. To taste they found crisp pear, mandarin, apple and mint and with water the fruits morphed into tinned peaches and cherry drops. Memories of childhood were evoked by talcum powder, allspice, citronella candle, and sandalwood. An gentle earthy warmth hovered while silky fruit syrup and honey lingered like a shadow.

Age 22
Date Distilled July 1991
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Lowland
Outturn 220 bottles
ABV 50 %