Bottle - Cask # 27.105, Too cool for school
Cask No. 27.105, Too cool for school
Too cool for school

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Cask No. 27.105 Lightly peated

Too cool for school

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The panel was in unanimous agreement this was as good as it gets. Imagine dipping ginger nuts in rich creamy latte with strawberry syrup. Throw in mint chocolate ganache and bramble jam. Old leather books in a library and waxed church pews with a puff of hickory smoke. The taste was of toasted marshmallow and peppered tuna steak. Ginger snap baskets with red berries and a drizzle of honey. Our American described her bizarre habit of dipping French fries into chocolate milk shake. On the finish, Coco pops and creme caramel. The panel thought it must be using fake ID.

Age 13
Date Distilled March 2000
Cask Type Refill sherry hogshead
Region Campbeltown
Outturn 288 bottles
ABV 53.9 %