Bottle - Cask # 17.35, Very fruity, very tasty
Cask No. 17.35, Very fruity, very tasty
Very fruity, very tasty

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Cask No. 17.35 Young & spritely

Very fruity, very tasty

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We found lots of good stuff on the nose – honey, toffee, vanilla, Battenberg cake, vanilla and a variety of fruits (pear, apple, tinned pineapple, strawberry, three-fruit marmalade). We also found tarragon, straw, putty, menthol, brass and a stationery cupboard. The palate was tasty – majoring on fruit (star-fruit, rhubarb, peach, pineapple) – but also with gummy bears, 'soor plooms' candies, some interesting ginger spice and a salty note. The nose shifted with water – oatcakes, tea caddies and pepper – the centre-piece still a bowl of fruit, but now sharper (gooseberry, lime). The palate became even tastier – Moffat toffees and coke with lime. Orkney’s smaller distillery.

Age 11
Date Distilled January 2002
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Highland Island
Outturn 242 bottles
ABV 56.1 %

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