Bottle - Cask # 27.99, Vital Spark docks in Campbeltown
Cask No. 27.99, Vital Spark docks in Campbeltown
Vital Spark docks in Campbeltown

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Cask No. 27.99 Oily & coastal

Vital Spark docks in Campbeltown

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What did we find on the nose? A carpenter’s workbench, stables, Germolene, honey, burnt orange, smoked and fresh fish, charcoal, cooked apple and spilled custard mopped up with an oily rag – myriad scenes from the Vital Spark. These continued with water – sea spray, dried seaweed, lobster and old logs. The palate was sweet and medicinal, with smoker’s tooth powder, grilled fish, charred lime, salted caramel, ash and earthy spices (cumin, coriander, cardamom). Water brought out ice-cream cones, barbecued spare ribs and the spicy seeds were now cooking in a hot pan. Every part of the whisky-making process is done on site.

Age 12
Date Distilled 31 March 2000
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Campbeltown
Outturn 204 bottles
ABV 50.4 %

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