Bottle - Cask # 93.52, Wench with a wrench
Cask No. 93.52, Wench with a wrench
Wench with a wrench

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Cask No. 93.52 Oily & coastal

Wench with a wrench

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On the nose a fairy cake, vanilla slice, maple syrup sweetness gradually gave way to nuts, apples, Dr Peppers and lilies; eventually, black olives and linseed or even fish oil. The unreduced palate was waxy, mouth-coating and robust; with its diesel smoke, fudge and black pepper – we imagined ‘a feisty wench with a wrench’ – not for the faint-hearted. The reduced nose had burnt sticky toffee pudding and cherry lips, with oily rags that may even have been ignited! The palate, with water, was sweet and strange, but interesting (briny lemons, WD40, fishy fudge and ‘dirty tablet’. From Campbeltown’s lesser-known distillery.

Age 9 years
Date Distilled April 2002
Cask Type Refill barrel
Region Campbeltown
Outturn 230 bottles
ABV 58.4 %