Bottle - Cask # 35.67, Winter spice for the summer
Cask No. 35.67, Winter spice for the summer
Winter spice for the summer

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Cask No. 35.67 Spicy & dry

Winter spice for the summer

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A smorgasbord of neat aromas – greasy workshops, musty dunnage warehouse, hot wet wood, lightly citric, hazelnut milk chocolate, raisins, dates, cinnamon, brine and camphor. The taste was HOT like fireball gobstoppers, bitter orange syrup, cloves, young cognac or Spanish brandy, green wood and winter spices. The addition of water brought out green notes of grapes, leaves with light wood smoke, fresh mint with yogurt, dusty wood in the background. The palate was still hot now with lots of orange – chocolate, sorbet, Campinos, tangerine skins, all with a soft cinnamon honey coating. This Elgin based distillery ceased floor maltings in 1978. 

Age 23
Date Distilled September 1988
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Outturn 239 bottles
ABV 63.2 %