Bottle - Cask # 39.83, Yummy & mouth-watering
Cask No. 39.83, Yummy & mouth-watering
Yummy & mouth-watering

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Cask No. 39.83 Old & dignified

Yummy & mouth-watering

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The inviting nose was intensely floral (chrysanthemums, dahlias, elderflower, pot-pourri) but an array of other aromas (mocha, almond cakes, Crunchie bars, painted wood, blueberry bubblegum) suggested a coffee shop and book shop combination. The palate was rich and warm, giving thick heather honey, sweet coconut, Sunday roast, flower salad and varnished wood โ€“ we were bowled over. The reduced nose continued beautifully perfumed with the coconut of gorse flowers and sweet and sour Peking duck. The reduced palate became yummy and mouth-watering, with vanilla, meadowsweet and perfumed elderflower champagne. The distillery, dating from 1824, sits on the eastern edge of Elgin.

Age 28
Date Distilled October 1982
Cask Type Refill hogshead
Outturn 197 bottles
ABV 53.9 %